Gould Construction
Gould Construction, Inc.
30904 201st Ave.
Browerville, MN 56438
Phone: 320-594-7912

License #20271282

Gould Construction, Inc. was started by David Gould in1998. Our primary focus has been residential construction, but our projects have also included garages, pole sheds and some light commercial construction. Today our focus remains residential construction from the foundation to finish trim. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the friendships that we developed with our customers.
Some of the key features we strive to build into every project include energy efficiency, building durability, healthy indoor air, and customer comfort. We feel these features not only benefit us in lower callbacks but you the customer in the form of lower energy bills, less repairs, and a healthier home environment.
We believe that working together with our customer we can build homes that they are proud to own and we are proud to say we built.

Business Mission

Our mission at Gould Construction, Inc. is not simply to do a good job but to be the Standard of Excellence for the residential construction industry in our area. We strive to achieve this by building a high quality product at a reasonable price and providing great costumer service. The owners and employees at Gould Construction Inc. strive to produce a quality product with every job. Quality that will make every customer recommend us to their friends and family.